Dennis will bring accountability, transparency, and honesty to the office of Attorney General, and will put the interests of Minnesotans ahead of all else.


Dennis believes we need to find long-term solutions that focus on accountability, transparency, and reforming police departments. There is a better way than bowing to the calls to Defund the Police promoted by the far left. Dennis will push for legislation that teaches de-escalation tactics, end the practice of chokeholds, and provide more resources to departments for hiring so their forces look more like the communities in which they serve. Additionally, he supports the use of body cameras, the creation of a unified system for the hiring, firing, suspension, and discipline of law enforcement officers, and will advocate for sentence reform to stop the practice of putting non-violent, low drug possession criminals behind bars.
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Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and what make Minnesota a place where people want to stay and raise a family. Unfortunately, during the COVID crisis, the government has been in the practice of picking winners and losers – choosing which businesses can stay open and which ones must close their doors. Dennis will force our state government to apply the law fairly and evenly and end these arbitrary applications. He will push for tax cuts that put money in the pockets of small businesses and individuals, just as he did in the legislature when he authored the largest tax cut in state history of $256 millions dollars and created a tax holiday for the unemployment tax.


We saw during the 2020 elections just how powerful Big Tech companies were in pushing their agenda and silencing the voices of conservatives. Dennis believes we need to break up the monopolies these social media platforms have become and will join with other Attorneys General to join a multi-state lawsuit removing the special protections they rely on to hinder free speech and promote censorship, especially of conservative voices or individuals they disagree with. He will fight for a rewrite of Section 230, the Communications Decency Act, so social media companies are treated like publishers, and will force them to protect the privacy and data of the individuals who use their platforms instead of selling it to the highest bidder.


Minnesota has an abundance of natural resources that makes our state unique and draws tourists to our communities. As Attorney General, Dennis will promote conservation efforts to keep our boundary waters pristine, electrification measures and high energy savings goals for utilities, and prioritize renewables and green technology for power generation. He doesn’t believe we need to choose between the extremes when it comes to protecting our environment and that there is abundant economic potential by promoting conservation and keeping Minnesota a leader in those efforts.


Government has grown too big and intrusive, and as a result, there is little trust left in the institution. Our leaders no longer put the interests of the people ahead of their own and that must change! Dennis will bring accountability, transparency, and honesty to the office of Attorney General, and will put the interests of everyone – Democrat, Republican, or Independent – ahead of all else. He will be an honest voice in state government who applies the law fairly and evenly, regardless of skin color or economic status. While every decision he makes won’t make everyone happy, it will be done in the best interests of our state to move us forward, together.


Our country is built on the premise of free and fair elections, and Dennis supports any attempt to strengthen and protect the integrity of the ballot at our local levels. Unfortunately, the federal government is trying to nationalize our elections through the “For The People Act” which would only weaken measures designed to protect the right to vote. Dennis will fight any attempt from Washington to mandate how our state should run its elections which have been a model for others to emulate.


Minnesotans are known as people who work hard and fight tirelessly for their way of life, and Dennis is no different. He strongly supports the 2nd Amendment and right to bear arms and will fight to protect it so we can continue enjoying our natural wonders and all activities that come with the safe ownership of firearms. Throughout his time in the legislature, he was consistently given a 100% rating by the NRA because of his commitment to our constitutional rights. Additionally, Dennis has been a strong defender of the unborn and believes life begins at conception – that’s why Minnesota Right to Life endorsed him while in the legislature.